Getting Injured Is an Accident. Getting Better Is Not.

Have you been injured in a traffic or work accident? If so, don’t leave your recovery to chance. We specialize in helping you recover as fast and fully as possible.

How We Make It Better

One in three personal-injury victims seeks chiropractic care, because most injury pain starts in the spine and affects the neck or lower back or both. We help you heal by treating your body’s underlying trauma.


Where Is Your Back Pain?

The spinal cord consists of 33 vertebrae, and damage from injury can occur almost anywhere along its S-curved, 18-inch length, but we can locate the problem. Click to see your pain’s possible source.

Cervical Vertebrae

The spinal cord consists of many parts, any of which may be injured and a source of pain. Injury along the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck can cause tingling, difficulty breathing, paralysis, or other issues.

Thoracic Vertebrae

These 12 vertebrae are the central and largest section of the spine. Injury here can cause pain that literally takes your breath away, by radiating to the chest. Injury here can affect the arms and the legs, too.

Lumbar Vertebrae

Injury along the stretch of five lumbar vertebrae in the lower back generally result in loss of some hip or leg function and can disrupt bowel or bladder control. Some patients need a wheelchair.


The sacrum, a structure consisting of five bones fused into a triangular shape, is located behind the pelvis. Lower-back or leg pain can result from injury where the lumbar spine and sacral region connect.


The bottom of the spinal column is called the coccyx, or tailbone. In an adult, it comprises three to five fused bones. Many muscles connect to the coccyx. Injury here can cause intense pain.

Our Treatments

Downtown Chiropractic, in downtown Rochester’s St. Paul Quarter, offers a free consultation, spinal adjustments, and other services, including massage and rehabilitative exercise. We also teach you how to care for yourself to prevent further pain.

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Start Living an Active Life Again

We focus on treating injuries suffered in driving and job accidents. Our medical team provides all the latest techniques in chiropractic and osteopathic care.

“I’d be lost without them. Downtown Chiropractic helped me get rid of existing issues I had and keeps them from coming back. I recommend them to everyone I meet…”

Amanda Peterson

“I feel so much better with my arm and back pain now after two months going to the chiropractor. … This treatment is really good. [It] puts your body in harmony.”

Brenda Buezo

“Very professional staff, very friendly, very knowledgeable, and they are helping me get rid of my back and hip pain. I would recommend Downtown Chiropractic to anyone.”

Paul Creasy

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